2 Day Trip to Rabbit Hash in Kentucky

Take a Trip to Rabbit Hash in Kentucky

Rabbit Hash is undoubtedly one of the quirkier towns that you’ll find in Kentucky, or anywhere in the States for that matter. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, if you’re going to be in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, you need to make the trip down by the river to see this quaint little corner of the world.

Rabbit Hash is less than 30 minutes by car from the beautiful Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast in the rolling hills of Burlington. Here’s why you need to get out there for your next trip.

Rabbit Hash is famous worldwide for its canine mayors, elected since 1998. Wilbur Beast, a loveable French Bulldog holds office today after being elected in November 2020 with the most votes ever!

The General Store is an Experience in Itself

The original Rabbit Hash general store sadly burned down in 2016, but the historic floor and foundations were saved. Through the generosity of people near and far, it was rebuilt shortly after with a popular fundraising effort.

The store looks as authentic as ever and there’s something special knowing it’s still in the original location with the original foundation.

You can find your typical groceries at the general store but it’s the look and feel of the place that makes it special. You’ll love your visit if you’re into antiques and American history. The store has both antiques and local crafts. You could find the perfect enamelware and kitchen utensils to complete the period transitional look for your décor at home.

The people here are really friendly and it’s nice to have a stop and chat about the area. You’ll also have a chance to meet other travelers at the general store as it’s one of the most popular road tripping locations in Kentucky. Share stories and make friends, just like you would at the general store generations ago.

There’s Great Food to Enjoy at Rabbit Hash

When you sample Jennifer’s recipes from our Gourmet Breakfast Kitchen, you’ll know how much passion Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast has for food. Trust us when we say that there’s also great food to be found at Rabbit Hash.

The Scalded Hog is the perfect stop for some authentic road trip BBQ. Their pulled pork is tender and succulent, and when they put it in a fresh sandwich with their special sauce it might just be the best that you’ve ever had. The burgers and the entire grilled menu are amazing, but I must reinforce the fact that the pork is really the star of the show. It’s smoked to perfection to the point where it’s literally falling off the bone before it’s pulled and served. Make sure you also include some of their famous ribs and hand-cut fries on your order.

No visit to Kentucky is complete without some real BBQ, and the Scalded Hog is some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Make it a Two-Day Trip to Rabbit Hash and Visit the Big Bone Lick State Historic Site

Rabbit Hash is perfect for a day trip from your luxurious suite at Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast. You could also head out for a longer trip with some camping and hiking at the Big Bone Lick State Historic Site.

We can help you to plan your adventure and can even send you on your way with a gourmet packed lunch from our Gourmet Kitchen.

The park grounds have a museum and visitor center with free entry. The campground is open from March 11 through to November 14. Here you can visit a bison herd and explore the diorama pit that covers the history of the area’s Native American population and Ice Age mammals. The park is an active research location, so you can even follow the latest developments at the museum and visitor center. If you have any interest at all in paleontology, you’ll love Big Bone Lick.

With 4.5 miles of easy and moderate hiking trails, it’s a safe and easily accessible park for all ages.

Pick Up Some Gifts at FolkSiders

The FolkSiders Gift Shop is loaded with quirk and good vibes. You’ll find all the expected road trip memorabilia to pick up, including apparel and souvenirs. FolkSiders also has plenty of forgotten treasures from local craft to historic items available to browse. Pick up some unique memorabilia for friends and family.

Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast is Your Gateway to Rabbit Hash

If you want to visit Rabbit Hash and the nearby state park, Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast is the perfect starting point. Enjoy our luxurious suites, personal service, amazing Gourmet Breakfast Kitchen, and when you come back from Rabbit Hash, you can take a relaxing soak in a spa-like whirlpool tub.

Browse our suites and book your adventure in Northern Kentucky.

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