Curious Crafts and Heritage at the Burlington Antique Show

Curious Crafts and Heritage at the Burlington Antique Show

Beautiful antique pieces and décor choices can elevate the style of any modern home. If you aren’t buying antiques for your home, you’re missing out. Adding antiques to your décor is one of the best ways to create a transitional look and feel that is both unique and endearing.

One of the best places to find beautiful and unique antiques is at the Burlington Antique Show.

Making friends, learning a little history, and exploring real craft that is rarely seen in modern décor are just some of the reasons our guests love heading out to the Burlington Antique Show.

Why You Need to Get to the Burlington Antique Show This Year

At Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast we are big fans of creating the perfect balance of contrast when combining antique and modern décor.

Adding antiques and interesting knickknacks to your home is an interesting and stylish way to create a more unique esthetic in any room. Antiques can also be surprisingly practical when considering pieces like dressers, lamps, clocks, chairs, mirrors, and more.

There’s also the fact that some of these gorgeous vintage pieces are surprisingly affordable. When you consider that antique pieces are likely to be bespoke with very few similar examples remaining, you can give your home a unique personality that can’t be replicated.

Tell a Story in Your Home

The Burlington Antique Show is a fantastic opportunity to tell a story with the décor in your home. One of the best things about browsing the stores at an antique show is talking to the sellers and learning stories about the various items that they have on sale. Even when the seller isn’t the original owner, there’s always a story behind the piece.

And the story doesn’t stop there. You also have the story of exploring the show to find the pieces you like, meeting sellers and other showgoers, and, if you’re just visiting Burlington, you’ll have stories surrounding your trip and your stay at our beautiful bed and breakfast.

The story of an antique piece never ends. As it moves between people through generations, it can only grow, and this is something that can bring a lot of personality to your home. Antiques are real conversation starters, and they’ll intrigue and inspire anyone who visits your home.

Instant soul with real history is what you get when you display antiques in your home.

Make Your Home More Beautiful

You’ll find pieces at the Burlington Antique Show that will complete the look and feel of any corner of your home. Every house has its own type of beauty, but this is something that can always be improved upon. Even if your home follows an ultra-modern concept, the addition of one or two antique pieces will never look out of place.

Take a look at our beautiful suites and you’ll see just how well antique pieces can work with modern décor. Vintage items are elegant and can add some sophistication to your home. You might not feel like you’re missing anything today, but once you add a few antiques you’ll wonder why you had never thought about them before.

You might think that you aren’t into the rustic look so antique pieces won’t work for you. Well, here’s something that not every antique dealer will tell you: you can restore the pieces! For furniture especially, restoration with new upholstery, stain, or paint can give new life and character to the antique piece and you’ll have something that you would never find in a modern furniture store. Restoring antiques is a show of respect for the innate beauty and utility of an item. Restoration keeps antiques around for longer and makes them more practical for a modern home.

Of course, many pieces can retain the rustic look especially when they are used purely for ornamental reasons.

You’ll find plenty of pieces to inspire your creativity at the Burlington Antique Show.

Local Crafts

You’ll find more than just antiques at the Burlington Antique Show. Modern crafts are available and like antiques, these also tell a story and are often one of a kind.

The show has run for 41 successful years and it’s one of the best events to attend when you’re staying at the plush Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast. Come and stay with us, take inspiration from our gorgeous Federal Home, and enjoy a Sunday of exploring the unique items on display at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

The next show is coming up on April 24, followed by a show every third Sunday of the month right up to October. If you want to coordinate your stay with the Burlington Antique Show, you’ll need to book now. Take a look at our accommodations and make an antique hunting trip even better with a stay at the most luxurious historic bed and breakfast in Northern Kentucky. 

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