Explore Cincinnati Below Ground with Cincinnati Underground Tours

Explore Cincinnati Below Ground with Cincinnati Underground Tours

If you’re planning a trip to Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, there’s one activity you don’t want to miss… the city’s underground tours!

Cincinnati underground tours can take you on a journey through the hidden history of the city, offering a fresh perspective on the past while also creating a completely unique experience that is unlike anything else. Many cities in the world have underground tours, but few cities are as interesting or as rich in their underground history as Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is a sprawling city above ground. It’s a global hub for entertainment and culture, and one of the most visited cities in the United States. It’s also home to a vast network of tunnels and underground spaces. These tunnels were used for everything from transportation to brewing, and much more. Many of the tunnels were closed off or forgotten over time, but some have recently reopened, allowing you to book Cincinnati underground tours while you’re staying nearby.

Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast sits in the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky. Our unique bed and breakfast has a storied history of its own, and it’s just minutes away from Cincinnati across the river. Here are the reasons why your stay at Willis Graves is the perfect opportunity to take a Cincinnati underground tour.

Experience the City’s Rich History in a Unique Way

You can read much of Cincinnati’s history in books, online, and even learn it by talking to locals and visiting some of the historic buildings above ground. But when you go underneath the streets, there’s a whole hidden history to explore.

Many of the city’s most interesting stories come from underground spaces. There are tunnels that were used for bootlegging during America’s prohibition era, and brewing caves that once supported one of the largest beer industries in the world. There’s no shortage of enthralling tales and characters to discover when taking a walking Cincinnati underground tour. You’ll learn about the people, the culture that surrounded them, and how the spaces fit into the city’s history and what it has become today.

The Architecture and Engineering of the Tunnels and Caverns

America’s history is steeped in unique culture, innovation, and the overcoming of vast challenges. While Cincinnati’s history is only a small part of America’s history, it’s still an important part of the wider story. The underground spaces are amazing representations of innovation and creativity. The ingenuity of developing the tunnels and large spaces is visible as you take a Cincinnati underground tour. Intricate brickwork, huge arches, and even an abandoned subway station will have you questioning why we just don’t seem to build things with this kind of care and attention these days.

It’s a marvel even if you have a passing interest in architecture. If you’re someone who’s passionate about architecture and engineering, then you’ll love the experience even more. There’s a certain beauty in the craftsmanship of the underground spaces, and it’s becoming rarer to see and experience places like this in the modern era.

The tunnels and large open spaces were built decades ago, yet they’re still structurally sound despite all the modern development that has occurred above ground.

See The City from a New Angle with Cincinnati Underground Tours

If you’ve been to Cincinnati before but have never been on a walking tour, then this will give you a fresh new way to experience the city. Even if you’re visiting the region for the first time, a Cincinnati underground walking tour will juxtapose your experience above ground, with what’s underneath.

You’ll gain a new appreciation and understanding of the layout of the city. Many things have changed over time, especially above ground. But during the walking tour, you’ll find that the tunnels are laid out just as they were in the previous century, which can hint at what things might have looked like on the surface.

You’ll Learn a Lot with Entertaining Guides

There’s a lot to see and take in when you’re exploring the underground avenues, but it wouldn’t be as fun or as immersive without great guides. Thankfully, there are some fantastically knowledgeable and entertaining folks who run the Cincinnati underground tours. You’ll have the chance to listen to stories from the past, ask questions, and have things pointed out to you that you would miss if you were walking on an unguided tour.

You’ll meet new people and make friends with like-minded travelers, which is a big part of what traveling is all about.

There are a few different Cincinnati underground tours to choose from, but we have some recommendations to get you started.

The Queen City Underground tour is one of the most popular options and also one of the best for people visiting the city for the first time. It starts with an above-ground walk in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. You’ll then head into historic brewing tunnels, and into the crypt of St. Francis Seraph Church. This tour dives deep into the historic beer brewing industry of Cincinnati, which is a whole tale within itself.

American Legacy Tours offers another tour called the Ultimate Underground Tour. This is the one to choose if you want the complete subterranean experience. It covers the crypt and brewery tunnels, as well as the abandoned city subway tunnels. It’s a hidden historical journey that any traveler can enjoy.

Book Your Stay at Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast

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