Find Hotels Near the Ark Encounter with Activities for Kids in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the cultural center of the Midwest. It perfectly blends historic charm, indoor and outdoor activities, and modern amenities.

Traveling with kids can be a challenge. It’s sometimes hard to find activities to engage everyone in the family. Cincinnati and the area around it are an exception. Find the best hotels near the Ark Encounter and unlock a world of kid-friendly adventure.

An Underground Tour

Kids love to explore, and an underground tour of Cincinnati is one of the best ways to do it. The Queen City Underground Tour is available and is suited to children over six years. It’s a highly educational tour that explores the hidden underground of the city’s historic neighborhoods. It will take your family through once-forgotten tunnels, storage rooms, and even a crypt.

It’s a fully guided walking tour suitable for folks of all fitness levels. If you want to learn more about this and other walking tours in Cincinnati, you can get tips and recommendations when you stay at hotels near the Ark Encounter.

America is a relatively young nation by global standards, so underground city tours are rare. It’s a fantastic opportunity to combine education and adventure when traveling with your children in Cincinnati.

Take a Ghost Tour When You Stay at Hotels Near the Ark Encounter

We all know how hard it can be to get teens engaged in family activities. A ghost tour could be exactly what you need to get everyone in the family involved.

Cincinnati’s rich history means it has its fair share of ghosts and haunting stories. There are several ghost tours available through historic areas.

Walking tours with a guide explore ghost stories and haunted locations. These are educational, fun, and plenty spooky.

Taft Museum of Art in Downtown Cincinnati

Stay at a bed and breakfast in Kentucky and you’ll be just across the river from Cincinnati’s city center. The Taft Museum of Art is housed in a beautiful historic mansion and is a popular attraction.

It’s a great destination for a family outing because it caters to all age groups. The museum houses plenty of exhibitions suited for teens and adults. There are interactive art programs available for children and adults of all ages.

Even if your kids aren’t particularly interested in art, the guided programs are interactive and engaging and can bring out creativity in fresh new ways. Don’t overlook this chance to do something that’s both entertaining and creative.

The Newport Aquarium

Easily one of the most popular attractions near Cincinnati, the Newport Aquarium is home to hundreds of species all flourishing in an underwater world with transparent glass tunnels to explore. Kid-friendly yet suitable for all ages, the aquarium transports you to a world seldom witnessed by humans.

Visit Noah’s Ark

A short drive from Cincinnati is the Ark Encounter. It’s the only place in the world where you can step inside a life-sized recreation of Noah’s Ark. This unique attraction is incredibly popular with people of all backgrounds. It explores biblical and natural history, exploring how it would have been possible to carry people and a large variety of wildlife during an apocalyptic flood.

Hotels near the Ark Encounter make it easy to visit this attraction, places in Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati.

Willis Graves is a great choice if you’re looking for unique hotels near the Ark Encounter.
Head to the Creation Museum – Minutes from the Best Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky

Staying at Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky will put you just a short drive from the Creation Museum. This unique attraction explores Earth’s natural and social history through its telling in the Bible. It’s a place where education, adventure, and spirituality all come together. With it being so convenient to the best bed and breakfast in Kentucky, it’s a fantastic place to visit with kids.

The Creation Museum is kid-friendly with interactive exhibits, dinosaur exhibits, zip lines, a wondrous planetarium, and much more to see and do.

The Creation Museum is a sister attraction to the Ark Encounter so it’s worth exploring both attractions when you stay at a bed and breakfast in Kentucky.

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