Jennifer in the kitchen

Get to Know Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast with Jennifer

I graduated from Johnson and Wales Culinary School, and as a young chef I had a dream but probably couldn’t clearly define it at the time. I did know my goal was to own something where I could weave in my own creativity that I learned both from school and my personal journey.

I worked in many different restaurants, country clubs, cafes and food service until I started my family.I connected with Williams-Sonoma when my children were older simply because of my love of their products. My love turned into becoming one of their corporate chefs. This role afforded me the opportunity to meet famous chefs as well move around the country. It was an amazing job. I learned so much about hospitality while I taught cooking classes and learned great cooking techniques!

Ultimately, the dream of owning “something” was always in the back of my mind as I decided whether to leave Williams-Sonoma. I took three years to really think about what I wanted to do next. While doing an Internet search of bed and breakfast properties, I found Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast was up for sale. I knew I had to visit. I had a wonderful stay last November and decided that this felt like home. Everything has come full circle.

I’m learning how to preserve the essence of what makes Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast so special while adding my own flair. I’m really excited to share what’s new with guests who have stayed here before and those who are new to this experience. Stay up-to-date on my journey with this beautiful property our blog where I’ll share my family, food, and stories about my experiences running the B&B.

Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast