OTR Cincinnati – Exploring the City’s Historic Neighborhood

OTR Cincinnati – Exploring the City’s Historic Neighborhood

Cincinnati is a city rich in history and diverse culture. It’s no more evident than in Over-The-Rhine, a neighborhood referred to by locals as OTR Cincinnati.

Just north of the city’s central business district, OTR Cincinnati has a little of everything, making it a visitor’s hotspot. From retail shopping to historic walking adventures, you’ll find excitement, spots to relax, fantastic restaurants, and endless entertainment in this unique part of the world.

From German Heritage to a Cosmopolitan Entertainment Hub

Cincinnati has a storied history of immigration and commerce. Home to countless German settlers in the late 1800s, much of the city has been influenced by European culture. OTR Cincinnati takes its name, Over-The-Rhine, from the old canal that ran past the area. It’s a nod to the Rhine River in Germany, one of Europe’s four major rivers.

Brewing was a major industry in the 1800s with Cincinnati exporting all over the world. The industry collapsed during Prohibition but has been revived in recent years with small-batch craft brewers popping up all over the city and the surrounding areas. OTR Cincinnati is one of the best places in America to find unique bars and taprooms where you’ll get hard-to-find craft beer with new flavors to savor.

But it’s not all beer in OTR Cincinnati. Dining, cultural tours, retail shopping from large luxury brands, unique local crafts, and much more can be found here.

Visit Washington Park in OTR Cincinnati

Summer or Winter, Washington Park is gorgeous. Whether you’re out for a stroll to take in the beautiful grounds, or checking out live performances at the historic bandstand, this is one of the best open areas in OTR Cincinnati. There’s a porch area where food and drinks are available throughout the year. A giant chessboard, cornhole sets, and a dog park give the area a real community feel with friendly locals and visitors alike.

The Cincinnati Music Hall

Overlooking the park is the majestic Cincinnati Music Hall, home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, and Cincinnati Ballet. There are show and concert events held at the hall throughout the year. It’s recommended that you book in advance as some of these can be quite popular with OTR Cincinnati being a major tourist hub.

The hall itself is considered one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world. The 19th century architecture brings a sense of grandiosity. It’s no surprise that it’s listed as a National Historic Landmark.

Don’t worry if you aren’t into classical opera and ballet. The events are varied throughout the year with modern stage productions, world artists, and local productions.

Take a Walking Through OTR Cincinnati

American Legacy Tours is a leading provider of walking tours through OTR Cincinnati. No matter your interests, you’ll find something exciting to explore while you’re in town.

The Ultimate Queen City Underground Tour will take you below the city streets to explore historic brewery tunnels, a hidden crypt where some of the city’s first residents were buried, and a final tunnel section that hasn’t been open for almost a century.

If you’re in the city later in the year, the Ultimate Queen City is Haunted Tour will be running throughout October. With such a long history, Cincinnati has some seriously spooky stories to tell. You’ll learn some of the terrifying true stories of the neighborhood with an expert guide on a two-hour adventure. Not for the faint of heart, but perfect for those looking for a haunted twist on a historic walking tour.

At Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast we love delighting our guests from our Gourmet Kitchen. If you want to take a culinary adventure throughout OTR Cincinnati, American Legacy Tours offers the Cincinnati Wine & Dessert Tour. This culinary adventure visits three amazing local businesses for some deliciously sweet treats, combined with wine tastings. Learn about the local restaurant scene with this popular tour.

Tell us about your interests and we’ll help you find the perfect tour in OTR.

Bars, Breweries, and Restaurants

You don’t have to go on a guided tour to explore much of what OTR Cincinnati has to offer. Bars, breweries, and restaurants are everywhere throughout the neighborhood, dotted throughout the apartments and retailers. Taft’s Ale House is one to visit. Located inside of an old church building it’s a place that oozes atmosphere, with a delicious menu and jaw-dropping variety of beers and spirits.

There are so many restaurants in the area that it would be impossible to name them all and perhaps unfair to name just a few. Picking one that definitely stands out in OTR Cincinnati, Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey is one that any visitor would enjoy. As the name suggests, biscuits and gravy is a popular item on the menu. The focus is on hearty heritage food but there’s a little fusion with modern favorites like burgers and potatoes.

Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast Can Help You Plan Your OTR Experience

It helps to have locals who know the best hotspots. Stay in the beautiful rolling hills of Northern Kentucky and you’ll have the best base to explore OTR Cincinnati. We’re just minutes from the city center and with helpful and friendly staff, we can be your personal concierge with recommendations for dining, activities, nightlife, and more.

Stay in luxury at the beautiful and historic Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable trip to OTR Cincinnati over a weekend or any time that you’re ready to take a break.

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