Relax for the Holidays in Our Jacuzzi Suites in Kentucky

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to treat yourself to something special. Whether taking some time alone or planning a romantic trip, Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast has Jacuzzi suites in Kentucky where you can relax, regenerate, and take in the winter sights and activities around our beautiful inn.

Before you settle for one of the hotels with hot tubs in KY, consider how our private bed and breakfast can offer the luxury that you’ve been longing for.

Hotels with Hot Tubs in KY Can’t Compare to our Jacuzzi Suites in Kentucky

The holiday season is a popular time to travel, which means that the hotels with hot tubs in KY start to get particularly busy around this time of year. Sure, you could probably find some last-minute hotels with hot tubs in KY, but don’t you deserve something special?

You might get the basics taken care of at hotels with hot tubs in KY, but with all the guests coming in and out, the experience is anything but relaxing at this time of year. Whether you plan to travel around Christmas or in the New Year, you will find that our private Jacuzzi suites in Kentucky give you the pampering that is sadly missing from the larger hotels with hot tubs in KY.

The pace is much slower at our private Bed & Breakfast, which makes for a more relaxing experience where you won’t feel rushed or crowded when you leave your room. The attentiveness of our excellent staff, the amenities, and even the setting of the rolling Burlington hills are a far cry from the big hotels with Hot Tubs in KY.

You’ll be off the highway and in your own private wonderland, especially if you choose our Garden Cottage with its private entrance. The bright décor of the Garden Cottage feels especially refreshing at this time of the year.

You’re the Priority When You Book Our Hot Tub Suites in KY

Our hot tub suites in KY are plush and beautifully adorned with both antique and modern décor for a fresh transitional vibe. Bespoke accommodation choices mean that you will never have to compromise when you want hot tub suites in KY.

  • Our staff is comprised of a small team of dedicated professionals. Fully attending to your needs, it feels far more premium than the big hotels on the main highway.
  • Jennifer, our wonderful owner, and innkeeper, personally oversees the service. There’s a real passion behind everything that we do at Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast.
  • You won’t find anything in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky that compares to our Gourmet Breakfast Kitchen. Jennifer selects the freshest local ingredients whenever available. From Thick Cut Slabs of Bacon to Pancakes and Waffles, you can choose the extras to suit your taste.
  • Our Federal Home is comfortable, quiet, and full of rich history. You can also choose from the rooms in our authentic Log Cabin or Garden Cottage, all of which are hot tub suites in KY.

There are trips where the major hotels make sense. A weekend away for business, or a quick stopover to rest on your way to your next destination… these are the times when the endless halls and revolving door of guests can be overlooked. But, for a special holiday getaway, you need something more than a place to rest. Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast is that place. Our hot tub suites in KY give you the luxury you deserve, the pampering that you won’t forget, and the service where you are the center of attention.

Choose Our Log Cabin Jacuzzi Suites in Kentucky for an Authentic Winter Experience

With the colder weather here, there’s nothing better than dipping into a hot tub at the end of the day. Our Jacuzzi suites in Kentucky provide relaxation and luxury in the most gorgeous setting.
Our authentic Log Cabin has private entrances upstairs and downstairs. Both suites have double whirlpool baths and steam showers. These are the Jacuzzi suites in Kentucky where you can fully immerse yourself in the setting of a winter wonderland. The rolling hills of Northern Kentucky are beautiful at this time of the year, on clear days and when it snows.

Book Your Holiday with Hot Tub Suites in KY

Plan an unforgettable trip and stay in the most luxurious accommodation at Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast. Our hot tub suites in KY will provide you with the pampering that you can’t get at a contemporary big-name hotel.
It’s not just the Jacuzzi suites in Kentucky. It’s our whole service from the tasty homemade treats waiting in your room to the Gourmet Breakfast Kitchen, personal concierge, and friendly service. Privacy and luxury come together at Willis Graves. Book with us and experience service like it should be.

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