Service Dogs Welcome! Stay at Willis Graves When You Need Pet Friendly Hotels in Florence KY

Service Dogs Welcome! Stay at Willis Graves When You Need Pet Friendly Hotels in Florence KY

There are more than half a million registered service dogs in the United States helping Americans to enjoy life to its fullest. If you have a service animal as a trusted companion, you deserve to enjoy a weekend away without judgment, setbacks, or being told those frustrating four words: sorry, no pets allowed!

Hotels and other lodgings can’t refuse service to guests with registered service dogs. But you don’t have to settle for the usual pet friendly hotels in Florence KY.

If you want a luxurious experience in a historic home that you’ll never forget, you and your service dog are welcome to stay at the beautiful Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in Northern Kentucky.

A Better Alternative to Pet Friendly Hotels in Florence KY

Pet friendly hotels in Florence KY don’t always live up to their claims. The logistics of keeping pet friendly accommodation in a busy hotel is no small feat. Training staff to deal with service animals can also be a challenge. Sometimes there’s confusion surrounding policy, even if you book pet friendly hotels in Florence KY far in advance.

Don’t get the wrong impression. Some of the larger pet friendly hotels in Florence KY absolutely will accommodate you and your service dog, but if you’re like many travelers, you’ve probably had a few bad experiences.

The fact is that a bed and breakfast lodging is far more flexible and understanding than pet friendly hotels in Florence KY. We know the difference between pets and service dogs. Especially when it comes to the needs of both the guest and their beloved essential companion.

If you want the smoothest experience from the booking and all throughout your stay, you can talk to myself or any of my team at Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast.

The Perfect Location for Activities with Your Service Dog

We’re located in the picturesque rolling hills of Northern Kentucky, just minutes away from Cincinnati. There are countless outdoor and indoor activities suited to you and your companion.

Service dogs are permitted throughout National Parks and State Parks and there are several in the region. The Big Bone Lick State Park is a great day trip from Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast. There are walking trails on the site with 4.5 miles of track, ranging from easy strolls to moderate hikes. There’s also a museum and research center on-site to explore the history of the region. You could even stop off at the quirky town of Rabbit Hash on the way for some famous BBQ and souvenirs. If you wanted to stay longer at the park, there are campgrounds available with fantastic panoramic views over the countryside. Far from the city and suburban lights, it’s a popular spot for outdoor adventures and stargazing. The park bison are enclosed so it’s a breathtaking way to see these magnificent creatures.

Within the City of Cincinnati, I recommend visiting the beautiful Smale Riverfront Park on the banks of the Ohio River. This park has been developed to reconnect the riverfront to the city core, and it’s an amazing way to see some of the architectural beauty of Cincinnati, particularly the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. This park is service animal and kid-friendly and it’s a great place to visit as you explore the streets, shops, and restaurants of the city.

And you’ll even find beautiful natural trails close to Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast. Boone County Middle Creek Park is on Burlington Pike, just a short distance from us. We can help with directions and planning your day trip. Middle Creek Park has moderate walking trails so you can find something suited to you, or spend some time in the picnic area enjoying the scenery.

We can help you to plan your adventure. As your personal concierge during your stay, we’ll make sure that your trip is unforgettable.

Making Your Stay Seamless

At Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast we don’t have the facilities to accommodate family pets on a regular basis, but we do welcome guests with trained service animals and understand the need to make the process as seamless as possible.

If you will have a service animal accompanying you on your getaway, let us know in advance and we’ll help you to choose a suite that will be comfortable. And because you’ll be staying at the best luxury bed and breakfast in Northern Kentucky, you and your companion will be able to relax without stress. There are plenty of open spaces in Northern Kentucky including parks that are safe for service animals. And, you’re just a short distance from Cincinnati where there are countless activities to enjoy where registered service animals are more than welcome.

Don’t stress when it comes to finding accommodation for you and your service dog. Pet friendly hotels in Florence KY might not be the best choice for you. Talk to the team at Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast and we’ll make sure that your stay is as easy and as comfortable as every valued guest that comes through our door.

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