Staying Active While Exploring Local Charms From a B&B in KY

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in KY is the most authentic way to explore Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. If you like to stay more active while traveling, you’ll find this historic region of America has plenty to offer. Here are some ideas to get you started as you plan your trip to a B&B in KY.

A B&B in KY Within Walking Distance of Burlington Center

Staying at a B&B in KY (or anywhere else) lets you connect with the local community. It’s one of the primary ways a B&B in KY creates a different experience to a big hotel or motel chain.

Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in KY is in the gorgeous hills of Burlington. It’s within walking distance of the town, where privately owned and operated food destinations offer authentic hospitality.

You can take your pick from the choices here. Zozo’s Tavern has released its 2.0 revamped menu. It’s an eclectic spread of fusion celebrating East and Southeast Asian cuisine.

The Brass Ring Bourbon Bar is another highlight of the town. You can catch the owners on Fridays and Saturdays to share stories and their personal bourbon selections. This is a quintessential example of a unique experience where the opening hours are sporadic, and the interactions are refreshingly authentic.

You could grab fresh artisan ice cream at Dreamy Whip or enjoy authentic American Fare at the Washington Square Cafe or Tousey House Tavern. Burlington is everything you could want from a small town. Stay active, walk down Jefferson Street, and take it all in. You’ll be a short stroll from your warm suite at the best B&B in KY.

One of the benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast in KY is that you can get personal recommendations from locals. The staff are attentive and friendly and are there to pamper you. Want to know the best menu items or a favorite food spot? Just ask and set off on your next adventure.

Taking a Trip Out to Big Bone Lick State Park

Staying at a B&B in KY gives you options. Northern Kentucky is a curious travel destination because it’s close to the mega metropolitan complex of Cincinnati, yet also around the corner from rolling hills and historic locations like Big Bone Lick State Park.

This park is one of the most important paleontology sites in North America. It’s an official Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail site with a museum and several walking trails. You can spend a day here taking in nature, observing bison and other wildlife, and exploring the museum.

It’s a short drive from your luxurious B&B in KY when you choose to stay at Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast.

Ever Tried Disc Golf? It’s Around the Corner From a Bed and Breakfast in KY

Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in KY is a stone’s throw from England-Idlewild Park in Northern Kentucky.

This is a wonderful place for active adventures with beautiful scenery, walking trails, and mountain bike trails.

It also has its own Disc Golf course.

If you aren’t familiar with Disc Golf and want to stay active, it could become your new favorite sport. Disc Golf follows the rules of regular golf with courses laid out over fairways, rough, greens, etc. The difference is that it’s all based around disc throwing. This makes it quite challenging as a disc is more sensitive to environmental conditions, and you don’t get any aid from a club. It’s all in your throw!

Idlewild Course is on the pro circuit, but you don’t have to play the entire thing. A few stages can give you the experience of the sport. You never know; it could start a new lifelong passion.

Take a Walking Tour in Cincinnati

A simple way to enjoy exercise while experiencing a unique activity is to take a walking tour in Cincinnati. The city is home to several tour companies, and you can get some personal recommendations from Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in KY.

The city’s rich history is second to none. Many people don’t know that Cincinnati has a vast underground network of tunnels, crypts, and halls. These date back to the city’s early days and history as the Brewery Capital of America. You can take guided walking tours, ghost tours, and educational tours.

Walking tours get you moving while taking in the sights and exploring the heritage of Cincinnati.

American Legacy Tours offers award-winning guided tours both underground and on the historic streets of Cincinnati.

What’s Different When You Stay at a B&B in KY?

Willis Graves B&B in KY is staffed by a friendly team committed to your comfort. Our luxurious suites allow the pampering you deserve and space to relax during your holiday to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. With a delicious breakfast menu from our innkeeper Jennifer and the ideal location to start exploring, you’ll love it as a jumping-off point for active adventures nearby.

Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast