The Best Family Activities While Staying at a Bed and Breakfast Cincinnati

The Best Family Activities While Staying at a Bed and Breakfast Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a fantastic place to visit, especially when traveling with family. If you’re in town, even for a weekend while staying at a bed and breakfast Cincinnati, you owe it to your entire group to get some fun activities in while you’re here.

From botanical gardens to a breathtaking underwater world, these are the best family activities to check out while you’re staying at a bed and breakfast Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

When staying at a bed and breakfast Cincinnati, you’ll be perfectly situated to take a day trip to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. While it could take a whole day to see everything, you could also make this a half-day adventure if you want to get some other activities in.

The Zoo is one of the best in America with more than 500 animal species. The Gardens have more than 3,000 plant species, making it a wonderful place to be whether you want to take in the natural beauty or let the kids stretch out and explore.

The Cincinnati Zoo is the highlight of the two locations, but it really does depend on your own personal interest. It’s especially good for a family trip, especially if you have younger kids or teens. In addition to the world-class exhibits with animals from around the globe, there’s also a petting zoo where you can interact with and feed the animals.

King’s Island in Mason, Ohio

This amusement park is technically just outside of Cincinnati, but it’s still worth a trip if you’re looking for some thrill-seeking and adventure. If you’re traveling with younger members of your family then this could be more their style, with plenty of stimulation and excitement. The amusement park has more than 100 attractions, shows, and rides, with something new happening every season. There’s also the Soak City Water Park on the site, and admission for this is shared with King’s Island.

There are souvenir shops, options for dining, and plenty of spaces to sit and relax between rides.

The Newport Aquarium

No stay at a bed and breakfast Cincinnati would be complete without visiting the Newport Aquarium. This is located in Northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. It’s one of the best aquariums in America with an amazing underwater walkway and species that simply wouldn’t be possible to see without heading out to the coast and getting some diving gear on.

It’s perfect for families thanks to the combination of education and adventurous amazement. There’s a flock of live penguins, sharks, rays, and many more sea and coastal wildlife species to see. The facilities are excellent, with healthy animals and an amazing presentation. Walking underneath the water in an enclosed tube walkway is an experience that everyone must have.

The Taft Museum of Art

The Taft Museum of Art is home to American and European works from throughout the ages. There are family-friendly programs that can be booked in advance, including art workshops and scavenger hunts to keep younger visitors occupied.

This is one of the most interesting attractions for families, especially if you have a child around the ages of 12 to 18 that has a passion for art or that has even shown a little interest in creativity. Art museums have come a long way in recent years and it’s no longer just a matter of walking around and appreciating the pieces on display. The fact that you can enroll your children (or yourself) in workshops makes this worth the time.

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Cincinnati is a city steeped in history, yet it’s also a place that has continued to move forward throughout the years. People here respect the heritage of the city but also look to the future.

The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is a great example of where past and present combine. It is filled with exhibits from America and the City’s past but also has collections that are rooted in the modern day. It’s a great learning experience for children and adults alike. Or, if you have one or two history buffs in your family, it’s a goldmine of unique items, tales, and characters.

The Museum currently has a special exhibit called The Bricktionary: The Ultimate Lego® A-Z. It’s a collection of 150 large models made entirely from Lego® bricks, with displays that range from the Saturn V rocket that took man to the moon, to a life-sized Orca made entirely from Lego. It’s a highly interactive exhibit with a Lego® earthquake simulator and even build workshops.

It might be based on the world’s most popular children’s toy, but this exhibit is one that your whole family will enjoy.

Make An Adventure Out of It When You Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Cincinnati

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