The Burlington Antique Show is an Experience for All

The Burlington Antique Show is an Experience for All

Taking the time to visit the Burlington Antique Show gives you a unique opportunity to experience history, culture, and creativity all in one location while sharing the experience with other travelers and the local community.

You don’t need to be a seasoned antique collector because there’s plenty to enjoy if you’re even just a little curious about history and the stories of people who have lived through it. There’s something for everyone at the Burlington Antique show, and if you’re staying at Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast, it will just be a couple of minutes to get right into the action.

You could look at the Burlington Antique Show a little bit like stepping through time. Your eyes will be drawn to curious items that have stood the test of time, and each one with an amazing story behind it. Jewelry, glassware, even clothing – there are always some impressive pieces to find that reflect different styles and tastes from various eras.

One of the things you’ll love about the Burlington Antique Show is the thrill of discovery. You can never predict the treasures that you’ll uncover, but there’s always something unique to find. You can stumble across everything from rare Victorian furniture to American electronics from the golden age of post-war recovery. One-of-a-kind paintings can add the perfect flourish to your home, and every piece comes with a story.

Meet People and Share Stories at the Burlington Antique Show

Just as exciting as the items that you’ll find are the people that you will meet. Locals, travelers, and people offering antique items all have their own stories to tell and you can build connections that last for a lifetime. Antique collectors are passionate about history and even if you’re only casually interested in the show, talking to folks about their interests and learning about some of the pieces on display and for sale is an interesting experience. Meeting people and discovering everything on offer is half of the fun.

And if you are seriously interested in antiques, then the Burlington Antique Show will be a treasure trove of learning. You can ask questions, hunt for something special that you’re missing in your collection, and even find things that you might not have thought of, but that would be perfect for you. You can share knowledge as much as you gain it, and the insights you get from other collectors and historians can be mind-opening. The Burlington Antique Show is hosted right near Cincinnati, one of America’s most historically rich cities. Northern Kentucky is also steeped in rich history so you’ll find that the show is a melting pot of craft, culture, and the past.

Like many of the world’s largest antique shows, Burlington also hosts local dealers and craftspeople offering unique handmade items from the modern era.

What’s on Offer at the Burlington Antique Show?

The show routinely hosts more than 200 antique dealers, so you’ll find plenty of variety on offer. It’s the premier antique show in the Midwest so it attracts folks and dealers from around America, bringing everything to you so that you don’t have to scour the country for it.

Hosted at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Idlewild Road, it’s literally just minutes from Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast. Show entry is just $4 per person, or you can get early bird access to the show for $6 per person. If you’re traveling with kids under 12, entry for them is completely free.

The show runs from April to October and has been going strong for 42 years. Hosted on the third Sunday of every month, the next show is on April 16.

Stay in the Historical Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast

You can stay at the beautiful Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast, and you’ll be just minutes away from the Burlington Antique Show. In the heart of Northern Kentucky, our inn was built by Willis Graves in the 1830s. The Federal Style home is where you’ll find our main suites, and we have a gorgeous Garden Cottage with a private entrance as well as an authentic Log Cabin with two luxurious suites.

Antique furniture combines with a touch of modern décor and amenities for a truly transitional feel inside all the suites. You’ll love our Jacuzzi tubs for relaxation after a day of antique hunting. As one of America’s top-rated bed and breakfast lodgings, you’ll enjoy personalized service and pampering that makes you the center of attention.

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