Three Unique Ways to Stay Healthy with Active Adventures Near the Hotels in Northern Kentucky

Three Unique Ways to Stay Healthy with Active Adventures Near the Hotels in Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati make up a diverse region where there are countless activities for families, couples, and solo travelers. Staying healthy when visiting the area is as easy as choosing the adventures that keep you active. With so much to see and do, you can enjoy exercise and adventure with day trips ranging from the Newport Aquarium to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Spend a Day Underwater at the Newport Aquarium

You don’t need to go diving to go underwater in Northern Kentucky. Near to the best inns and hotels in Northern Kentucky is the Newport Aquarium. Set on the banks of the Ohio River, this destination brings together conservation, education, wonder, and fun. You can step into a world rich in diverse marine life, and even step underneath the water for a view of sea life that isn’t typically available to those without diving gear and experience.

The Newport Aquarium has a vast collection of aquatic wildlife ranging from mesmerizing sharks to the fun and playful penguin population. Vibrant tropical fish will dazzle you with their colors and patterns, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the wonders of the sea as you take a journey along a walking path underneath an ocean above you. Separated by clear glass, you’ll see the creatures up close, making for some exciting encounters. There are more than 70 unique exhibits spread throughout the Newport Aquarium. This is a must-see destination when you stay at a bed and breakfast or hotels in Northern Kentucky.

Visitors of any age will love the Aquarium, making it perfect whether you’re traveling alone, with someone special on a romantic adventure, or with your entire family.

Go Wild at the Cincinnati Zoo

If you want to keep healthy while staying at inns and hotels in Northern Kentucky, the Cincinnati Zoo is a destination that you just can’t skip. It offers an active and engaging way to spend a day exploring the open outdoor and indoor exhibits. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the most well-known and prestigious zoos in the United States. It covers vast grounds and has more than 500 species and up to 1900 animals at any time of the year. It also has an adjacent Botanical Garden, with more than 6,000 plant species.

The Zoo is a great place for active adventure. You’ll be outdoors throughout most of your visit, getting plenty of exercise as you walk around and engage with the exhibits. More than just a great place to take a stroll among the animal kingdom, the Cincinnati Zoo is a great destination for education. Kids and adults will learn interesting information about the animal residents, and there is a range of interactive activities that change throughout the year.

Perfect for all types of visitors, the Cincinnati Zoo is something that you need to see when you stay at nearby inns and hotels in Northern Kentucky.

See the Secrets of Cincinnati’s Underground with a Walking Tour

Cincinnati has a storied history, although much of the city’s past lay forgotten until recently. With the uncovering of underground tunnels and storage caverns, a vast part of the city’s forgotten history is now accessible to the public.

Discover the hidden depths of Cincinnati with an underground walking tour that explores the city’s fascinating history and unique architecture. Led by passionate and highly knowledgeable guides, this distinctive adventure takes you through the subterranean tunnels and historic sites that lie beneath the bustling streets of downtown Cincinnati, all while staying active and healthy.

A Cincinnati underground walking tour offers a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to delve into the city’s rich past. Learn about Cincinnati’s role in the Underground Railroad, explore the remains of the canal system, and hear captivating stories about the city’s legends and folklore. An immersive journey can take you through anything from hidden crypts to beer storage facilities from the city’s rich brewing history.

As you wander through the underground passages and historic sites, you’ll be engaged in an active exploration. The walking tour involves traversing different terrains and navigating through tunnels, providing enjoyable and healthy physical activity. Immerse yourself in the intriguing tales and architectural sights that are beneath the surface of the city. If you’re looking for the best tours, American Legacy Tours offers some of the most informative and historically entertaining tours available.

Make Your Trip Unique with a Bed and Breakfast Alternative to Hotels in Northern Kentucky

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