Visit the Spring Burlington Antique Show from a Historic Kentucky Bed and Breakfast

The Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati region hosts countless events throughout the year. From the stage to the outdoors, you’ll never lack something to do. The region is diverse and historically rich, making it a great destination if you’re passionate about history. This, unsurprisingly, also makes the region a great place to hunt for antiques. Burlington’s Spring Antique Show is scheduled for April 21, and it’s set to be another fantastic event where you can find unique crafts and historic pieces for your collection.

You’ll be minutes from the show when you stay at a Kentucky bed and breakfast. Let’s look at antique hunting in Northern Kentucky and why it’s one of the best places to visit if you want to attend a unique and often rewarding antique festival.

One of America’s Largest Antique Shows

The Spring Antique Show in Burlington is one of the largest of its kind. With more than 200 dealers present at the annual event, it’s one of the best places to hunt for unique pieces from yesteryear. Dealers travel from all over the country to attend the show, so you won’t be limited to historical items from the Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati region. You’ll find curiosities from all over America and the rest of the world. Some of the best finds are only ever seen at the Burlington Antique Show. It’s known throughout the antique community as the best in the Midwest.

The festival is so important that it was even featured in an episode of Antique Warriors. Of the countless shows hosted around America, only a few ever make it to national media.

Minutes From Your Kentucky Bed and Breakfast

The Burlington Antique Show is hosted at the Boone County Fairgrounds, just a few minutes from Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in KY.

The fairgrounds near the historic bed and breakfast in KY are designed specifically for events with various exhibition areas, convenient facilities, and plenty of parking.

Visiting the Boone County Fairgrounds from your Bed and Breakfast in KY

The Boone County Fairgrounds are located on Idlewild Road, a short two-minute drive or five-minute walk from Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast in KY. Early bird access starts at 6AM, and it’s common for antique hunters to show up early to grab some special items that disappear earlier in the day. You’ll find plenty on offer no matter what time you arrive. With so many vendors, there are items to suit even the most unique sense of style. Being so close to a 5-star bed and breakfast in KY, you’ll have plenty of freedom to check out the show whether you want to spend the whole day or just a couple of hours in the morning or the afternoon.

The Fairgrounds are just minutes from the England Idlewild Park, the perfect location to follow your antique shopping with some time on the trails, mountain biking, or even disc golf.

Burlington is a great place to be if you love the outdoors. There are plenty of nearby trails or you could take a drive out to Big Bone Lick State Park to see the bison herd and visit the Museum. Of course, we’re a short drive from Cincinnati, opening the possibility for entertainment and events of all kinds.

Staying at a bed and breakfast in KY gives you access to diverse activities, making it perfect for a quiet retreat where you can relax between adventures.

Staying at a Kentucky Bed and Breakfast

The Burlington Antique Show is just one of the many events hosted in and around Northern Kentucky. Willis Graves Kentucky Bed and Breakfast puts you just outside Cincinnati, an exciting hub for tourism with countless live performances, festivals, activities, shopping opportunities, and dining experiences to be enjoyed.

Staying at a Kentucky bed and breakfast slows the pace and gives you a unique perspective of the region. Willis Graves is a historic inn, creating the perfect lodging that ties in with antique hunting. Our décor is based around a seamless blend of past and present with antique architecture and features in the Federal Home. Our Log Home suites and Garden cottages also combine modern amenities like climate control and whirlpool tubs with classic comfort and décor that helps you to relax and feel pampered.

A Kentucky bed and breakfast gives you a unique experience where you are the center of attention. Whatever you’re looking for on your next trip, you’ll find that Willis Graves offers luxurious comfort and personal service that only the best B&B in KY can offer. Browse our B&B suites today and plan your next adventure in America’s historic Midwest.

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